Staffing is Hell!

Did you ever stop and think how that revolving door of staff you’ve got there, the one you cannot get a hold of no matter what you do, is literally taking years off your life in stress and worry?

If you are groaning just thinking about it, you are not alone. Here’s what leaders from around the country are saying . . . 


❌ "I’m literally out of options and I’m still struggling."

❌ "People would rather collect unemployment."

❌ "I can’t compete with hospitals and their big budgets."

❌ "I’ve tried offering a new pay scale, even bonuses!"

❌ "I’m fed up with getting ghosted on interviews!"

❌ "Staffing is the biggest thorn in my side."

Some call it the uncontrolled bleed of turnover, which sounds gross enough! But this fresh hell is a total drain on your bottom line and the biggest thing in the way of you getting the outcomes you want.


Why is it so hard to get good people

and keep them!? 

The staffing problem has gotten so bad in senior living that it’s become the norm to have huge chunks of the budget reserved for overtime and agency use! I don’t need to look at your financials to guess this applies to you too! 

What if you could stop pulling your hair out over your staffing woes AND . . .

  • Free up money for projects you really want to do.
  • Provide consistent, excellent care for your residents. 
  • Elicit great customer reviews. 
  • Improve your reputation. 
  • Drive up your census. 

At Drive, we have dedicated countless hours to find out what it takes to do just that and we think it’s time we shared these secrets with you!

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Before you know it you will have a waitlist for open positions and then no open positions at all!

Trust me, I have seen it happen!

Slam that revolving door shut once and for all!

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